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    How do I download private Tik Toks?

    TikTok, formerly, is one of the most popular apps since 2018. TikTok allows you to record videos and use all kinds of music and sounds compared to other social media apps like Instagram or Snapchat. The question is how to download videos from TikTok.

    In this article, we are going to download videos from TikTok and learn how to record videos that cannot be recorded.

    Record videos from TikTok ( on iPhone
    Download videos from TikTok that cannot be saved – workaround
    Transfer TikTok Videos from iPhone to Computer

    Record TikTok Videos to iPhone
    Launch the TikTok app and play the video you want to record.
    Press the “Share” button. Click the arrow icon to save TikTok video to your iPhone
    Choose “Record Video” to download videos from TikTok. Click Record Video to Download TIkTok Video
    Please wait while recording. TikTok video is saved to iPhone
    Made! Your TikTok / video is saved to your Camera Roll.
    NOTE: TikTok automatically creates an album with the same name for quick access. TikTok records video to your camera roll and creates a separate album

    Download TikTok Videos that Cannot Be Recorded
    Unfortunately, some users may restrict the downloading of their videos. But really, there is an alternative solution. Converting these videos to GIF in the app can help save them! Here’s what you need to do to download private videos from TikTok:

    Click the arrow icon to share. Click on the arrow icon to your right
    Press “Share as GIF”. Select Share as GIF option
    Please wait during the conversion. Wait for the program to finish converting to gif
    It was easy 🙂 The GIF was successfully saved to filmstrip.

    Transfer TikTok videos from iPhone to computer:
    If you want to save your TikTok videos securely, it is a good idea to save them to your computer. There are 2 ways to transfer TikTok videos to the computer:

    Save TokTok Videos to Your Computer

    Transfer videos via Windows Explorer

    Download multiple TikTok videos to your computer at the same time
    Transferring a video to a computer in general is not such an easy task, let alone many. Fortunately, there is a great application that can help you download videos from it’s called CopyTrans Photo:


    Drag and drop option to transfer videos to computer
    Flexibility: choose where to transfer
    Transfer multiple videos at the same time
    GIF support
    Here’s how to transfer TikTok videos from iPhone to computer:

    Open CopyTrans Photo and connect your device.
    Wait for the photos to load. The photos of the iPhone will be displayed on the left and those of the PC on the right. Easily transfer your photos from PC to iPhone
    Select videos in TikTok and drag them to your computer. You can choose the folder in the right menu. When finished, click Apply Changes.
    Here, enjoy your TikTok videos saved on your computer.

    Transfer videos via Windows Explorer
    You can still use Windows Explorer to transfer videos from TikTok to the computer.


    Direct access

    Difficult to find video in DCIM folder
    DCIM folder may not appear
    Here we show you how to transfer TikTok videos from iPhone to computer via Windows Explorer:

    Connect the iPhone to your computer and click on “Apple iPhone” on PC. Select Apple iPhone from the menu
    Open internal storage -> DCIM.
    Find TiKTok videos in one of Apple’s folders.